Oh…How time flies :)

I really cannot believe my daughter is seven months. Reading the post after she was born frankly feels like just yesterday. The little blueberry I used to talk to everyday in my belly is now Ms. Peyton “Stinky Booty Pants”, the crowd’s favorite.

…Pey, watching you grow up is literally the highlight of my many days. From getting excited when you moved up to three ounces in your bottle, to getting overly excited when you began to eat baby food to being highly annoyed that your first words are “hi dad dee”, there’s not a minute that passes I don’t enjoy you here with me.

And yes I may add you are truly “the crowd’s favorite”. I like to call you Prophet Peyton because your presence alone puts a smile on anyone’s face who is around. Your smile is to die for and you are just one of the happiest babies I ever laid eyes on (although I may be a bit biased). My weekends are now exciting because I can have two whole days with you from start to finish.

You changed me, Peyton. I have this “push” to do better in EVERYTHING that I do, no matter if I’m already beating the odds. As long as I live, I don’t think I will ever be doing good enough because you deserve the world plus more.

I ask God to continue blessing you and keeping you safe day in and day out (just like I do every day at 11:11 and 1:11). I still don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I will strive to prove everyday you are just where you belong.



P.S. I love you ….



Introducing my heart.. 

  “I never ever … Never felt this way, in my heart before. Love has found its way in my heart tonight.” – Love’s Holiday, Earth Wind and Fire

My beautiful baby girl, Peyton Reneè. The minute I saw your face it’s like God granted me a new life with a brand new meaning. Tears fall down my face by writing just a few sentences of this blog, thinking about you and how much you’ve changed me in 4 days. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but God knew what he was doing giving me such a precious gift. From your soft head full of hair to your skinny little toes just like mommy, you managed to exceed perfection in just 20 inches. 
From the minute I began having contractions Friday night, I was pretty certain last weekend was my last weekend walking malls and every Target in Philadelphia trying to get you out. Friday leading to Sunday afternoon was a struggle, no lie about that. All my thoughts about going “natural” went out the window! But every moment leading to 12:02 p.m. was worth it. When the doctors popped you out of me, they placed you right on my heart for an entire HOUR! Although some people would feel that’s disgusting, it was hands down the best (quickest) hour ever. You calmed down immediately knowing mommy had you in her arms. It’s just an amazing experience I could relive with you over and over and over again.
So as I write this blog to you, I’m also able to begin reading it to you as well & I couldn’t ask for anything more. 
Everything is for you Peyton. 
PS. I’m in love.

Where Do We Begin… 

      Haven’t got the chance to write to my baby in a while, but we’ve surely had our daily conversations and book time! I still have over a hundred photos in my phone from your baby shower, so you will be seeing those hopefully by next week with your own eyes, but lets just recap.

1) Your baby shower was a success! Make sure you thank G-mom for putting it all together. You are one spoiled little chicken nugget, Blue. Family and friends came from all over to celebrate you! Even though mommy was in pain, it was such a great experience…. Which brings me to recap #2!

2) Daddy proposed! Pack your bathing suit, girl! It’s time to plan a destination wedding. I am so excited to be taking the next step and tying the knot with your daddy. It’s crazy how much of a difference a year can make. Last year at this time, we were just hitting it off and now… Home, cars, wedding plans, and a beautiful baby girl on her way. I really need to look up another word for happy, because ‘happy’ just can’t describe how I feel just about everything.

[happy]: jubilant, overjoyed, captivated, exultant

PS: You know we love you


Highs and Lows of Pregnancy 

Ms. Blue. This is the part where I’m supposed to blame you for the past few days in this beautiful hotel bed, right? Just kidding! I will never blame you for a thing, but let’s just make it clear I don’t want to be back here unless I’m preparing to see your little face. 

Thursday night: I wasn’t feeling so good. Daddy even ordered Chinese food and I couldn’t get it down. No biggie. I took the opportunity to fall asleep a bit earlier on the couch. 

Friday morning: I just felt wrong. My belly hurt. My head hurt. My back hurt. Something was obviously wrong, but I figured it was just my lazy I don’t wanna do this anymore emotions kicking in. So off to work I went. I did give your doctor a call on the way, though just to give them the heads up of how I was feeling. Apparently, water is the cure for everything. But for me, water is just the cure to get away from your desk every 15 minutes. 

Long behold, water was not doing it for you. So I decided to give my other doctor Google a ring and look up the signs of contractions. Yup, that’s what was going on. I called Doctor #1 and let her know of my pain and we headed right to the hospital. Being hooked up to monitors for hours isn’t exactly how I planned to spend my Friday afternoon, but hearing your continuous heart beat surely made up for the uncomfortable bed. 

The doctors let us go because I stayed at 1 cm dilated. It was bittersweet, because I was anxious to see you if it was time but deep down I know you have to roast just a little bit more. But let’s just say, the car ride home was one for the books. You obviously didn’t agree with leaving because I had contractions the entire ride home. Even daddy had to come meet me to move the car out the middle of the street. (I have this thing with stopping the car the minute I don’t feel like driving). Long story short, Friday night = HORRIBLE! 

Saturday: HORRIBLE! Plus I noticed a lump in my stomach which for a little bit of time, I thought was just your little foot. 

Sunday: ENOUGH! Daddy and I decided to head back to the hospital, but not before stuffing our faces with WaWa in pain and all. Long day in the hospital, all to tell me I formed a hernia, possibly from too much strain. Immediately I contacted Doctor #2 Google to find out exactly what this meant. Possible surgery. Scared wasn’t the word, Pey. Especially knowing that surgery this late in the pregnancy will bring on preterm labor. Still in excruciating pain, tests began. Bloodwork, meds and ultrasounds. By the way, you’re already 5lbs 1 oz!! It’s as if they were secretly prepping to deliver you. 

They want to keep us for a few days. -_- 

As I’m sitting here, bright and early on Tuesday morning all I can say is how thankful I am. The doctors ruled out there was no longer a hernia and you are more than healthy. We’ll just stick around a little longer to be monitored and wait for my new accessory …a belly band! 

Blue, even though mommy will rather not go through this pain, I would go through it any day to have the outcome that you’re okay. Through this pregnancy I realized that many times. If there’s any possible way for me to go through something all for you to have a great ending, sign me up! Pregnancy definitely has its highs and lows, but the ultimate high is knowing in just a few weeks you will be gracing us with your presence that so many people can’t wait to for. Hopefully today I get to go home and we can relax full time with daddy. 


Thanks boo.

PS: we adore you & love you more. 


How I Went to Sleep Last Night..

Besides initially falling asleep on the couch watching How To Get Away With Murder, I fell asleep with a big smile on my face …because of you. I had a mini “eight month” flashback of when I first found out I was having you. No more than a couple seconds did I feel confused and frazzled. It’s like from that moment on, I knew the positive impact you were going to have in my life and was ready for every moment. Last night I thought about when I told your dad and how immediately supportive he was. I thought about the first set of doctor appointments and how it all seemed so surreal; about the car accident; about all the bad luck I had in the beginning just to ensure you were going to be a girl; finding OUT you were a girl; nauseous days and nights; announcing to my job about your big existence… Just everything all to think that now, with such little time left I will soon meet the reason of all my happiness. I’ve anticipated YOU more than anything in my life. As excited as I may seem, I admit I am so nervous. Everyday I pray over you, and any time I catch 11:11 on the clock I recite the same sentence “please keep my baby safe and healthy”. I just pray all my prayers and wishes are enough, but I’m pretty certain God has it all under control.

Peyton, I adore and love your life. 48 days left!